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SUDOSCAN by Impeto Medical

Coastal Medical is proud to offer SUDOSCAN, the first diagnostic test for Autonomic and Small Fiber Neuropathy that produces an immediate quantitative result. 

  • Fast - no patient prep, results in 3 minutes, easy to read critical data points
  • Accurate -  highly reproducible results, independent from environmental conditions, technology backed by evidence-based research
  • Simple - Non-invasive, easy to operate, advanced touch screen

Improved Outcomes with Early Detection

SUDOSCAN can detect small fiber neuropathy at its earliest stages, sometimes before the patient experiences symptoms.  With early detection, and appropriate intervention, the further complications of diabetes can be delayed, or even avoided. 

Enhance Practice Revenue

SUDOSCAN is designed for use in the physician office.  The test is non-invasive, requires no patient prep, and only takes about 3 minutes.

Reimbursement is well established in most areas.  Using national averages, performing only 3 tests per day would generate over $8,000 per month in new revenue.  


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